My beloved younger sister asked me to make socks for her. And being the great sister I am, I acquiesced. I found the pattern by Sue Norad (she’s Canadian, yay!) here. I don’t love the way they turned out, but if I had to make them again, I know how to decrease stiches (thanks Rachel) so they would probably turn out better.

They are a bit of a mess… but they are done 🙂 and she likes them (well she better) and thats all that matters.

I used purple SuperSaver yarn and a size H hook. She wants them to warm up in during dance, not to wear with shoes or anything.



Filed under Crocheting

3 responses to “Socks=Pain

  1. Amy

    Socks are so challenging! It’s always an adventure, when making two objects that must be identical to each other…Those do look like fantastic dancewear! So glad your sister likes them.


  2. kait

    who’s sexy feet are those?

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