Slouch So Good

Sorry for the absence, I’ve been helping my mom recover from surgery this past week. Everything went well, she’s on the mend and I have access to the computer again 🙂

The project I am displaying today is this slouchie beanie I made a few weeks ago. It turned out marvelous, it looks good on me and just about everyone who tries it on. It also utilizes one of my preferred stiches, the PUFF.

My lovely sister is the model. I love the way her angled bob peeks out the bottom of the slouchie. I got the pattern from Vickie Howell’s site and used about 1/2 a ball of Bernat medium worsted and an H hook. I did make the ribbing a little too big but I can easily fix it if and when it starts to really bug me. AND after the big snowfall and temperature drop we had this weekend this slouchie has definitely come in handy!




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5 responses to “Slouch So Good

  1. CUTE!!!!!!!! I have a toque just like this only it is bright pink and black. Keeps my ears so warm especially in this WINTER weather we are now getting. 🙂

  2. Ps – those would make some wicked Christmas gifts!

  3. Rachel McIlroy

    If you’re taking orders….

  4. Well with all this snow now I am going to need a different toque for every day of the week.

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