So last night was supposed to be my first night with the knit/crochet club, but the yucky weather kept me at home. I am just not comfortable driving in the snow, and after 2 stressful ventures to get to and from work, I had  had enough. Oh and shovelling the snow was ridiculous, it was so heavy and kept sticking to the shovel. But thankfully the rain has washed it all away! God Bless Vancouver!

Anyways, I am posting my first W(ork) I(n) P(rogress), and I’m not telling you what it is until it’s completed 🙂 It’s something I haven’t tried yet and I am very excited to see the final result. So far it’s been pretty easy, I just ran out of steam last night after finally picking the project to make. Any guesses?

I also need to find one last 6×6 square to make for the charity afghan project… I want something fancy, but nothing has jumped out at me yet.



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2 responses to “WIP

  1. Rachel McIlroy

    A snowman!
    and you should do this granny square pattern as your last square
    especially fitting according to the weather

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