Charity Afghan Update

Happy Tuesday! (although it is quite cold, grey, damp and dreary today in Burnaby)

I have decided to post a few more 6×6 squares, this time made by my bestie Rachel. We are submitting them on Thursday, and she has made her 4 and I still only have 3, I need to get cracking. Anyways, without any further to do…

Aren’t they magnifique? I think so! She always manages to chose simple patterns but uses striking yarn colours to make her projects look so amazing, I want to say she steals my thunder but she’s not ๐Ÿ™‚ she’s just awesome!!!

I am not sure the specs of the squares, I have to do some googling to CASE the projects and will update when I find them. (SEE BELOW)

Notice how I said she has already made her 4 and yet I have only posted 3? Thats because she wrote her own pattern for the 4th, and the square is so amazing that it deserves its own post!!! Stay tuned for that ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATE: I have the sources of these wonderful squares. The purple and teal square is courtesy of Heather Johnson and her amazing HalfKnits Volunteer Team; the Teal Square comes from Pat Harper over atย Ladybee’s Buzz ; and the purple 3D square comes from Jackie Karp at ย Karp Styles. Thanks to these ladies for posting their patterns and letting the rest of us take a stab at them!



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4 responses to “Charity Afghan Update

  1. I love the little flower one!

  2. Rachel McIlroy

    I have the websites where I found the patterns. I will email them to you and you can CASE appropriately. Sorry, credit is definitely due to other brilliant crocheters who so generously shared their patterns online!

  3. Thanks! I have updated the sources!

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