Early Christmas!

Ack! Busy busy busy is how I would describe my life right now. Between working 2 jobs, playing volleyball 2 (sometimes 3!) different nights, helping my BF and Bestie study for their exams, birthdays and life in general I have barely had any time to work on my crochet 😦 As well, anytime I do crochet it`s on existing Xmas projects, *sigh. I have started a new project that I can`t post until after Christmas but I am loving the results.

The Christmas spirit has definitely been kind to me over the past few days however, and I`m tickled to share my prezzies with you:

First, from `The Grand Canyon State`came this ADORABLE Hello Kitty pez dispenser. My BF`s sister is obviously well aware of my adoration of anything HK and sent it up to me *heart. I love it and think it`s just so cute. Beside it is my Hello Kitty Reindeer that my BF bought for me last night. SO cute 🙂

Second, a coworker informed me today of her Step-Mother-in-Law`s passing (RIP) but how she was an avid yarn enthusiast and had a lot of yarn and other goodies that her children were going to throw away. Thankfully my coworker offered to take it off their hands, insisting it would be a waste to throw it out (the buttons and lots of fabric were already tossed!) and is going to bring it for me! I got a taste of what to expect, 2 paper bags full of yarn-a-liciousness 🙂 Tha bags are from 88 Stitches in Langley, BC, obviously somewhere I need to visit!

Clearly in the new year I have some work to do. I feel it is my duty to use this yarn in the best possible ways. I love getting prezzies, especially ones that touch my heart. I am so grateful and thankful for the thought and hope I can pay it forward and keep the good karma coming!

Happy Holidays!!


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