Let’s get crafty

Just a quick post today.

I thought I would show you the goodies that my BF and I made to give away as prezzies this year. Last year he made beautiful beeswax candles that the ladies really loved. This year he decided to make homemade soap. Here is a picture of the finished product:

Lavender Shea Butter Soap!

Wow was it easy and relatively cheap. We bought the molds, the block of soap, the scent and the colouring alll from Michaels and using several 50% off coupons :). You melt the soap, add the stuff, pour it in the mold, pop it in the fridge and then pop it out of the mold. I also whipped up some white cotton facecloths that I forgot to take a pic of to finish off the prezzies. I love that my BF is so creative, it makes me feel more creative and adventurous! I wonder what we’ll create next year?

Also, I wanted to post a pic of the Xmas cards my bestie, Emma and I made at Sabriena‘s Stamp-A-Stack Xmas Card Class this year. Every year she thinks of these great cards that we in turn get to send off to people in the holiday spirit. These are this years creations:

I love how diverse, saturated and festive they are! I always give a card to each of my BF’s family and they always croone over how lovely they are. I always have to say that I didn’t think of them but they are still homemade and they adore them.

On later copies of these (I have 4 of each kind) I started putting little pearl dots on the blue and white card just to add a little sparkle.

Thanks Sabriena for everything!

P.S. I also got several Michaels gift cards this year so I guess I’m going on a little splurge! 🙂 XO



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3 responses to “Let’s get crafty

  1. You are soooo cute! I love helping you girls make cards. And it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that people like them 🙂
    I got yours and LOVE the colours you used… so bright and cheery.
    Best wishes for the new year love!

  2. Ps – That soap looks soo yummy. I bet it smells fabulous!

  3. Yay, I’m glad you liked it! I spent so much time on it 🙂 I figured you wouldn’t want the same card as last year.

    They actually smell pretty good, and work as pretty good soap too :-p

    Happy New Year to you and Nickie, have a great time!

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