New Year, New WIP

Happy New Year again all! I had a wonderful time in Whistler, there were so many people at the cabin this year, it was almost bursting at the seams!

See? Beautiful!! I love Whistler. It was very cold but sunny and lovely. We celebrated New Years in the village with fireworks and a fantastic band, Five Alarm Funk. We went tubing, played lots of pool, shopped, others went skiing/snowboarding, it was a blast!

I wanted to post a picture of my first project of 2011. I started this blanket with the yarn I got from Grandma Lambie. I think I made good progress in 3 days, don’t you? I found the pattern on, and I am using a size I hook. I think I am going to blaze through the blue yarn and have lots of white left over, but I really didn’t want the white to be the dominant colour, it gets dirty so quickly. I have to say I am enjoying the process, it’s a slow one, but enjoyable none the less.

I also wanted to say a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to Sabriena. Head on over to her blog and wish her the same! XOXO



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2 responses to “New Year, New WIP

  1. That photo is breathtaking! And thanks for the birthday wishes you are such a doll!
    Ps – I cannot wait to see that blanket completed!!! I LOVE the pattern!

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