Birthday <3s

Last week a couple of lovely lady friends celebrated their birthdays and I (0f course) sent them cards full of well wishes. Now that they have both recieved them I can post them for you to ooooh and aaaaah 🙂

The card on the left was mailed to Sabriena for her 24th birthday. I always try and make super-duper special cards for her since she’s such a spectacular paper crafter, and really taught me much of what I know XO. I CASEd the card from here with my own little spin. The card on the right went the Emma for her 20th birthday. She has more of a simple, classic, elegant style that I tried to showcase in the card. She has been really like the 3rd sister I never had and I love love love her XO!

As you can tell I am absolutely in love with my new Martha Stewart punch set and have been making cards like crazy with it. My BF also celebrated his birthday on Tuesday but I think I forgot to take a picture of his card, I will update with a pic when I track it down.



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2 responses to “Birthday <3s

  1. I love love love my birthday card!! Thanks again! 🙂

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