Feeling Squared

For another swap I was asked to make four 6 inch granny squares. This group has been going on for a while, and it was very helpful to see the past squares that have been recieved, to get an idea of the level of crocheting as well the kind of squares being sent. I personally prefer 3D or squares with a lot of impact so it took me a while to finally choose the 4 patterns to make. My swappee stated her preffered colours as purple, blue, green and pink, and I found a ball of Impeccable self-striping purple, blue and green yarn that worked perfectly. I wanted to use it in each of the squares but make them as diverse as possible. Here is what I came up with:

 The pattern for this first square comes from Fiona Kelly, I found it on Ravely first but it links directly to her blog. I love the layered petals of the flower and the simple finishing of the square.

The second square comes from Aurora Suominen. I will definitely be making this square again. It was very simple but I love the outcome. I really like the spacing in the cornerns, it adds a delicatness to the overall square.

 The third square is a little diamond puff design that I think is so sweet from Beverly Button. I decided to add the black to make the verigation in the other yarn stand out more, and to make the square slightly different to the others. I also changed up the edging on this square to be more scalloped. All I did was (2DC, ch 2, 2DC) around the corner, (4DC, 3HDC, 3SC, 3HDC, 4DC) on the sides. I think it’s adorable. Definitely a keeper!

Lastly this square from Bev’s Country Cottage. The heart is designed to be sewn in the centre, but I decided to sew it in the corner. I like that you can see more of the pattern and verigation this way. Although this square was the easiest, I think it also the more stunning. I adore it and almost couldn’t give it away! Thankfully I have quite a bit of yarn left so I can make myself one 🙂

There you have it! My first Ravelry Granny Square Swap is completed and on its way to Sunny San Jose California. I hope she likes them!



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4 responses to “Feeling Squared

  1. Look at you go!!! You are a little crocheting rockstar! Once I am over my sewing and paper crafting faze I might have to get you to teach my how to do this…
    Ps – My favroite square is #2

  2. shannon

    I love the first and fourth one! But they are all really cute!! What a neat idea to swap squares!!

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