Guess who’s finished? Isn’t she adorable?! I am so happy with the way she turned out. The only thing I would change, ok there are 2 things, 1 being the way I fastened the bottom , it’s ridged, not the best looking, and I would move the nose up a little higher. Other than that she’s PERFECT! I love love love Hello Kitty. But this little gem is not meant to live with me (or my sister, who I know wants to steal her), she is destined for my swap partner in West Verginia, who also loves HK. I hope she likes it as much I do 🙂

I got the pattern from Robotrish. The pattern includes instructions for a full body but I decided to only make the face. Like the pattern states, I used black felt for the eyes and whiskers, and sewing the whiskers on was the worst part. BRUTAL. Finicky and fidgety, argh! But it was worth it. I ❤ Hk!



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4 responses to “HKBC

  1. Rachel McIlroy

    She’s so cute!!!

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