Square Time

Well, I survived Blog Week 🙂 It was a huge blast and I was so happy to have increased traffic here but also to have new blogs to read everyday. How fun!

Today I am sharing with you the squares for this month’s Ravelry GSSii. My swapner hails from Western Australia, and here’s what’s on her way:

Are you sensing a theme? Green? Why yes, you are correct! They ended up being AROUND 6×6, they’ll work just fine. The first set’s pattern came from my Box of patterns. I think they would be so cool in an afghan. I had to discover what size hook to use since it doesn’t give specifications. An F hook works just fine 🙂 The second is called the Dream Weaver Square from Stormy’z Crochet. I really like this pattern, it’s super simple but the squares pack a big punch!

I really hope my swapner likes the squares… if they make it over to her ok.



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4 responses to “Square Time

  1. vanessalaven

    Very nice! What kind of yarn is it?

    • It’s all worsted, the teal is some Bernat from my very first afghan, the white is also Bernat from my current wip and the purple/green verigated is Impeccible, my current favourite for worsted acrylic. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. The first group is amazing with variegated yarn. I also like the second group. Nice squares. I’m going to investigate them.

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