WIP Wednesday

Here is my very first Work in Progress Wednesday.

I figured I would participate seeing as I definitely have quite a WIP on my hands.

I have this wool yarn laying around that I need to use up, and when I found this pattern on Ravelry, the Kluster Hook Book from Berroco, I thought, ok I’ll try it. I have never felted before, but I will never use the yarn otherwise.

So, here is the body of the hook book, unfelted. It looks a little lopsidded but I have no idea what happened, I guess I got sloppy as I went along, which isn’t surprising because the yarn is so itchy and I’m using a P hook.

I did do a test swatch (something new for me!) and flung it in the washer and it seemed to work, so this bad boy is awaiting its hot spin in the washer as well.

I figured since I have some yarn left I will make some flowers and other doodads and fling them in too, waste not want not. I will probably have to run it at least twice, but I have high hopes.



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4 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. Danielle

    Look forward to see how it turns out!

  2. Rachel McIlroy

    Interesting, I’ve never really understood how felting works. I know you’ve explained it to me but I’m definitely interested to see the step by step.
    Lovely day today! Bobbles!

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