FO Friday, 1.0

Hey all,

Welcome to my first Finished Object Friday, hosted by Tami

My FO is a little lame, but it’s finished, so there :p

Here are my final 2 squares for my swap. They are simple, but lovely. The one on the left is Melissa Majewski’s “Red Wing Square” It turned out ok. The one on the right is a take on Jackie Karp‘s “Heart Square”. I only did the first round of the heart, I didn’t have enough of the coloured yarn. I also made the square and then sewed the heart on, not like how the pattern suggests. Ilike it. I think this is my favourite square right now. 

Thanks for stopping by, if you like FO Fridays you should check out Tami’s Amis for others!



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4 responses to “FO Friday, 1.0

  1. Thanks for participating in FO Friday! I love your little squares. Sometimes simple is the best. Great job! I really like the dark against the colorful yarn.

  2. I adore these squares—“simple but lovely” is awesome. 😀 The colours look great, black in a granny square can be used to such good effect, and it’s perfect here, there’s so much brightness and contrast.

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