B is for…


Happy Monday! Today is the next installment of Learn Your ABCs with the Accidental Knitter.

I have a sad post today.  I found out over the weekend that my Ravelry Granny Square Swap has ended. The moderator has stepped down and no one has volunteered to take it over. Isn’t that awful? I am quite heartbroken. Although I suppose I am not completely surprised as the group had been quiet lately.

Here is a pic of the squares I have received so far, minus April-May, which I am still waiting for.

12 squares. 12 beautiful squares. I was really heading for a wicked friendship-ghan wasn’t I? Thanks to all the people who participated in the swap, I had a blast!

I suppose now I need to find another group… ugh, I hate starting things part way through!

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10 responses to “B is for…

  1. Aw I’m sorry. I hope you find another group. On the upside though, those squares are uber cute!

  2. Aww… that’s really sad. Are there no other Granny Squares groups your group could merge with to keep the afgan going? I would send you a square if i could actually make one!

  3. So sorry this is a sad time for you. How about a friendship tea cosy, or hot water bottle cover?

  4. Aw, that’s so sad 😦

    I’m sure you’ll find a use for your squares.

  5. sorry about the group…that stinks

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