Swapity Swap

Remember Friday’s post? The card and skein of yarn I sent? Well I can tell you more about it now.

The idea was to send a skein of yarn from your own stash to your swapner, and with the skein you receive you blog about it and make a project with it. I am still awaiting my skein.

I sent this:

1 skein of Patons Grace in neon pink (not sure of the actual dye lot). My swapner is a 13 year old knitter from Virginia (I know, right!) who spins her own yarn and is quite the little designer. You can check out her website here. After looking at her blog, and her Ravelry ID (E-Dreamer), I figured the mercerized cotton in a bright colour would be the best. She can really do anything with it. If you look up Patons Grace under yarn on Rav I think like, 5000 projects show up. A lot anyways. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with! 

A big thanks to Marie (aka the Underground Crafter) for organizing the swap!


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