FO Friday, Number 3

Happy Friday!

My FO today is another pair of knuckle warmers for a coworker of mine. I  promised them for her like a month ago, so I whipped them up in like 2 hours Wednesday night so I’d have something to share with you today.

The funny thing is that I had to switch back to worsted weight yarn after working with thread for so many weeks, it felt so foreign and yucky! Lol, I got through it, and these are the result: 

Aren’t they great?! And they work really well. Except I thought the yarn I used for hers was the same as mine, but hers ended up being so much denser and thicker than mine… oh well she says she likes them so it’s out of my hands.

I’m also working on the 4 angel squares, stay tuned for those next week. And check out the other FOs here! Have a great weekend!



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8 responses to “FO Friday, Number 3

  1. Rachel M

    Cute! I like them. Please make your way over to what not to crochet at some point today. I just finished crying from laughing so hard!

  2. Those are too cute, I may have to make a set! I like the way they look on your hands, it’s kind of an unexpected size and shape.

  3. Very cute and fun! I have the same problem going back and forth. I’ve used fingering weight yarn with small needles so much lately that size 8 needles feel bizarre in my hands and worsted weight yarn feels chunky.

  4. Cute! Isn’t it funny how changing gauge can feel so different when you are used to something else?

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