D is for…



This is a picture of my dad, myself and mom on my birthday last year in beautiful Ambleside, West Vancouver. Today, as you can gather, is my Dad’s birthday. No I am not crocheting him anything, not really his style. Instead we are gonna cook him a yummy steak dinner and lemon-licious dessert, VERY his style. As far as dads go, mine is pretty awesome. Always there for my sister and I, work horse, Mister Fix-It and general Jack of all Trades (in his case EVERY trade. He’s hard to buy prezzies for and doesn’t show too much emotion, but he’s awesome and I love him. Happy Birthday Fajah!

That’s my non-crochet ABCs this week, check out the others here



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12 responses to “D is for…

  1. Happy birthday to your dad!

  2. Rachel M

    Happy Birthday to your Daddio!!! I love how your Mom is trying to get her drink out of the picture!!!!

    And you look so good and summery in this picture. We need to get back to that ASAP!!!!

  3. Amy

    Aren’t y’all the cutest family north of the Mason-Dixon line! I love this photo. Happy Birthday to your daddy.

  4. rebeccawip

    happy bday to your dad

  5. Awwww, happy birthday to your dad!! You look like a very happy family!! Cheers!

  6. Julie

    Hope your Dad had a lovely day – sounds like he very much deserves pampering.

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