Yarn Swap

Happy Thursday!

Remember that yarn swap I am participating in? I sent that skein of hot pink yarn to the lovely Emma in Virginia. Well, I got my skein in return, and I am pretty excited about it!

It is a skein of Red Heart Casual Cot’n in a super lovely browns colourway, it’s SO soft and wonderful! The skein comes from Laura, aka suddenexpression, all the way from Germany! I commented on her blog last Wednesday before I knew she was my swapner, and it turns out she’s preggers! So wonderful, yay Laura!

Anyways, the skein has 140 yards, so I need a pattern to accommodate that, and I’m thinking a cowl… I have looked on Rav to see what’s there, and I’ve queued a couple. When I looked up the yarn on Rav there weren’t that many inspiring projects, I think a cowl is a great idea. Quick, will use all of the yarn, and it will be something I’ve never tried before. But I am always open to your suggestions, help a girl out!

Thanks to Marie for organizing this swap-venture! Stay tuned for FO Friday tomorrow!



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6 responses to “Yarn Swap

  1. Nice on the cowl thought! There might also be some crochet scarves that would work for that amount of yardage (I’m thinking the Tiny Scarf pattern). 🙂

  2. So glad you like it!! Thanks on the congrats by the way! Sorry it took so long to get to you!!

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