E is for…


Or in other words… swaps!

Lol… I finished the doily swap, and my swapner is bound to receive it later this week, yay! I can’t wait to get her reaction, I really put a lot into those doilies.

Here is the package I sent her in all it’s glory. I rolled up the doilies and stuffed them into a jazzed up paper towel tube, hopefully they don’t get squashed this way 🙂 I also sent her some yarn, crochet tags, a notepad, fruity hand sanitizer and some yummy tea from a place in Whistler. Oh and a handmade card, of course 🙂

I picked exchange because while I adore crocheting, I really love giving people things, and seeing their reaction. I love giving people presents, tailoring them perfectly for the recipient, it’s an obsession/passion 🙂 That’s why swaps (think:Exchanges) are so awesome, I put all this energy into a package for someone else, and hopefully in return they do the same 🙂 It just wouldn’t be the same if I did it all for myself (although I’m pretty good at that too!)

Happy Monday! You can check out the other ABCs here.



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10 responses to “E is for…

  1. I would love to do some swaps, but i don’t think I make things fast enough! It looks like an amazing package to recieve in the mail though!

    • It’s definitely a great incentive to be quick on the hook, not only being able to make someone’s day, but to have someone make mine 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Rachel McIlroy

    That looks like an awesome package!!! I would love to get that in the mail.

  3. I agree, giving gifts is the best!

  4. assessionsphotography

    I would if I could couple my E (enjoyment) with your E (exchanges) and really get more bang for my buck! Lovely post.

  5. It’s so wonderful that you get pleasure from making up these gifts and thinking about the recipient, that’s why handmade gifts are so special, it’s the thought, not the money that goes in.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I would always love to receive something handmade and I alwasy try and include something handmade in every gift. Thanks Julie!

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