FO Friday, Number 5


I can finally show you the finished doilies!! Yahoo!

OooOooOoOOOoOo, right? This is the large doily I made. The pattern is Pineapple Plumes from Priscilla Hewitt, and I really like it. I had to make some changes (remember?) but once I blocked and starched it, it became AMAZING!!! I think it’s so stunning. Unfortunately, the photo is showing the colour to be bluer than it is, the colour is definitely more purple than this. So yeah, Pineapple Plumes, I used a size 1.8 Boye hook and size 10 thread. It came about to be 14 inches. 

This one is the Petite Pineapple Plumes from the same designer. I used the same hook and thread and it came about to be about 8 inches. I like the similarity of the 2 but they are also very different. I have to say, doilies are ugly until they are blocked and starched, at least IMHO. 

SO, my swapner has received her doilies, and loves them. She is a great lady in Florida and it was a pleasure putting her package together, and I can’t wait to receive hers!

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24 responses to “FO Friday, Number 5

  1. WOW, they’re beautiful! I’m always in awe of gorgeous lace doilies!

  2. Delightful, I wish I could crochet… not, but I love to look at other peoples work. I see one stitch and get confused, everything turns out like an aomeba. lol

  3. wypad

    They look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! 😀

  4. “Stunning” is exactly the right word for this! I love it! It makes me, at the same time, really want to make one and totally terrified to try making one because it’s so intricate.

  5. I have a doily addiction and yours are beautiful. How do you display yours around the house? x

    • Thanks Clare! I actually don’t have any in my space currently. I’ll have to wait and see what my swapner’s doilies look like when I receive them 🙂

  6. napiligal

    Beautiful. Makes me sorry I don’t crochet!

  7. They look beautiful! It makes me want to crochet again!

  8. Love the colour. I am really thinking about learning crochet. But, my knitting time is already divided between too many things.

    • Thanks Keri! If you can knit, crocheting will be a breeze! BUt it’s probably best to stick with what you know if you’re pressed for time as it is 🙂

  9. the doilies r beautiful-they r lying on my dining room table

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