F is for…


(Pardon my French)

I’m talking about that moment when you realize you’ve made a mistake, and the only way you can live with it is to frog back to the mistake, or start all over again?

F%#& indeed! I had one just this weekend, I started another project (wait for my WIPW rant) and after 2 rounds had to restart the whole project. Sometimes I feel like I need a 5 second delay for people around me, heh heh. 

I have a big ol’ F%#& to share with you today.

Remember this guy? It’s the kindle kozy I am making for S’s super cute kindle? Well, I have felted it, 3 times in fact. And the result? It’s too short. By at least half an inch. And too long, by at least double that.


It’s my own fault… I don’t really know how the yarn shrinks, so I guessed… wrongly. Now I get to make the darn thing over. And what do I do with the now useless kozy? Something almost-ish square gets a kozy… or maybe it’ll kozy up to the garbage.

That’s my ABCs for this week, check out the others here



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15 responses to “F is for…

  1. Oh, that sucks, I’m sorry 😦 I’m trying to think of something else you could use it for…

  2. Felting is such an iffy endeavor. You never really can predict what will happen in the wash.

  3. OHHH I hate that moment. The only thing regarding felting is to use the piece you had as a guide for the next attempt or make a swatch and felt it to get an idea of shrinkage. I’d do it as a percent rather than a definitive number. 😦

    • I have swatched it before… but numbers are just not my strong suit… now that I know how much it will shrink I can adjust the size for the second attempt…

  4. assessionsphotography

    I’ve only felted once and got lucky so I stopped – why tempt fate, right? I know the moment of which you speak – you get that sinking feeling if you’re in the middle of a complicated pattern… it’s just awful. Unfortunately, sometimes that is the only word that will describe it… although I tend to use “Fubar” instead… lol.

  5. I try and remember to slip in FISH instead, but I don’t ever catch it in time… Yes the first thing I felted went well, although it’s a plain rectangle, I should’ve just left it at that, although I DO really want to use that wool up!

  6. Oh how tedious. Unfortunately I really do swear quite a lot with my knitting. You have my sympathy. I can’t help feeling that your cosy should cover a really useful object. It looks like such a useful shape.

  7. Maybe you could just keep washing it until it shrinks to an iPod cosy or a mobile phone cosy? And I’d really love to try felting something at some point, but I don’t own a drier!

    • That’s a great idea Emma! I hadn’t thought of felting it more! And actually you don’t need a drier, just a washer with a hot cycle. Or you can do it by hand, it just takes a little longer.

  8. Awww, so sorry to hear that… I do like the idea of felting it down more for the ipod…

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