FO Friday Number 6

I missed FOF last week, but I am happy to announce I have several goodies to share with you today.

First up is this 12 inch square for my swapner. The pattern is Pineapple Granny from Priscilla Hewitt. I used some leftover self-striping yarn from a previous square swap (I am happy to report it is GONE, I am not a fan of this colourway!) and a size J hook. Since the doily swap I have become a huge fan of “the pineapple” and when I saw this square I knew I had to make it. Unfortunately this colourway does not show the awesomeness of “the pineapples”. I will be making it again.

Next up is the card case. I sewed on the snap which completes the case. Very practical and lovely. Thanks for everyone’s interest in the pattern, I will be posting it shortly, stay tuned!

Last but certainly not least, TIMMY THE TURTLE! Hee hee, isn’t he the cutest?! My swapner is a big fan of turtles so I thought I would oblige her and whip this little guy up. Not my best ami, I kinda just made him as a I went. Sometimes I think he looks like a dinosaur but my sister assures me he looks like a turtle 🙂

Check out the other FOFs here, have a great weekend!



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10 responses to “FO Friday Number 6

  1. Rachel M

    It is obviously a turtle!! and sooo cute! I did a bunch of work on my baby blanket last night i’m almost ready to start the border!

  2. Haha. He definitely looks like a turtle! 😀

  3. Sam

    Great card case! And yes your right Timmy the turtle is the cutest!

  4. Timmy is fantastic! I was hoping you’d link to the pattern and then you said you just made it up as you went along, so go you, awesome work!

    I love the card case, too, and the colours on that square make me happy, although I know what you mean about the yarn obscuring the pattern.

  5. Thanks Kathleen! Yes, Timmy was made on the fly, no pattern, there are tons on Rav though if you’re interested.

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