FO Friday, Number 7

 Happy Canada Day!!!

(from Phoenix, Arizona, lol)

I have some FOs to share with you, while I bask in the hot and lovely Arizona sun.

First up is this pretty little thread cross. The pattern is from Melissa Vincent. I used my 1.75mm hook and some thread from my stash. I think it looks so cute and am so in love with the look of thread right now. It has been sent to my swap buddy.

Next is this VERY adorable brown and white 12 inch square. Unfortunately I can’t remember who’s blog I got the pattern from, and the history has been erased off the computer I used when I found it. If you recognize it please let me know so I can give credit. I used an H hook, maybe an I hook, and stash yarn. I loved the raised parts of this square and will definitely be using it again!

Lastly, I whipped up this cute little market bag (also for the swap). The pattern is the “Sky Shopping Bag” from Charissa Gascho. I used an N hook (10.5mm), Loops and Threads Cotton Club in black, and the little border of teal is leftover from the dishcloth swap. It was a cinch to make and it’s so stretchy and wonderful, I will probably make it again!

So that’s my FOF for this week, as always make sure to stop by Tami’s Ami’s and check out the other FOFs!!


I FINALLY found the source of the square pattern. It belongs to Aurora Suominen at One Crochet Day at a Time. It is called “Petals of Spring Mays”. She has some lovely patterns on her blog, this particular one I will be employing again, very soon at that!



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8 responses to “FO Friday, Number 7

  1. Especially love the square!

  2. I’ve just been thinking of making myself a shopping bag, and I love the way yours turned out! (Mmm, black and teal. Definitely one of my favourite colour combinations.) I may have to give the pattern a try.

    The square is great, too, I love the way the flower looks!

  3. Love love love the square! It’s so pretty!

    I just added a market bag to my Year of Projects. I made one for my mom last Christmas and have been waiting to make myself one!

  4. i love the square, too. I think I recongize it, but I couldn’t tell you from where, either.

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