FO Friday, Number 8


Welcome to the latest FO Friday. I have a very exciting FO to share with you today. You cannot imagine the joy I felt when I completed this.

The purse!!!! It’s complete!! Like, 100% complete! And (hopefully) delivered to my swapner. Isn’t it STINKIN CUTE?! I have to say, I have not in a long time put as much effort into anything as I did this guy. The pattern is the “Derek Bag” by Che. As I have mentioned previously, the pattern isn’t EXACT, I had to fudge a few things, but it provided a great framework and helped me create this gorgeous piece of work. My swapner mentioned she liked the brown/cream/pink colour combo, so I decided to use that for this project.

Here is where I put the pink (and a little brown and cream). I whipped out my mom’s sewing machine and went to town on it! I even sewed in a little pocket!!! Doesn’t it look SO good?! I am so tickled with the end result, I really never thought I would like a crocheted purse, I thought they looked too homeade but this looks… tres chic 🙂 I really can’t wait for her reaction!

So that’s my FOF for this week, as always, make sure to check out the others here, XO.



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4 responses to “FO Friday, Number 8

  1. Love the lining, love the pocket idea, love the pattern!

  2. love the bag, the pink lining really sets it off…and the cool pocket idea…great pattern. Brown and pink are great colors… 🙂

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