J is for…


Well, even though it may not have seemed liked it, last week I was on vacay. My BF and I went to Phoenix, Arizona to visit his sister and family. And boy did we have a blast! Yes, we got caught in the crazy dust storm (called a HABOOB), got sick from the sun, went shopping, ate good food and got delayed at the airport on way home, just to list a few good times 🙂

Here is a slightly blurry photo of me climbing the rear steps to the plane (I have never boarded from the rear before).

I did pre-write the posts from last week, I had so many goodies to share with you (like the purse, did you see?!)

I also celebrated my birthday while on vacay, the big 2-5, aaaahhhhh! Here is a photo of the youngest and myself blowing out the birthday candles.

So that’s my ABCs for this week, make sure you check back for some special goodies this week, XO.



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8 responses to “J is for…

  1. Happy Birthday – looks like you had a good time. And I love the purse. That looks just amazing.

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time!!

  3. The cake looks yummy! Happy Birthday!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time & a great birthday (ah 25, sounds like half a life time away … oh wait, it is!)

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