Hookin’ Up Day 12: The Yarn Stop!


This month I am participating in a fun little month long blog-roll called Hookin’ Up, held by Crochet Consupiscence.

Yesterday I was reviewed by the wonderful Sara Duggan over at Mom with a Hook. She is so sweet and had many lovely things to say about my blog. I feel so lucky! 🙂

Today it’s my turn, and I have been given the privelege of reviewing The Yarn Stop, written by the wonderful Sam. The Yarn Stop has only a few months worth of posts, but Sam has some great projects with beautiful photos. She both knits and crochets, and her projects range from socks and afghans to adorable amigurmi dinosaurs (which happen to greet you at the top of the page). Here is an example:

Sam is a college student, studying mechanical engineering. She has been crocheting for about 5 years and knitting for just over 1, and IMHO I think she does a great job!

The Yarn Stop is a cute little blog. Sometimes Sam writes about other things she has been doing (for example: she celebrated with some sparkles for July 4th), but usually she writes about her current projects, and always with a photo or 2.

She has posted a list of the projects she wants to make, including more afghans, some snowflakes, and a suprise, I for one would really like to know what it is!

So there you have it! My review of the Yarn Stop! If you like a list of the other Hookin’ Up blogs make sure you check out Crochet Consupiscence!



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8 responses to “Hookin’ Up Day 12: The Yarn Stop!

  1. Another lovely post about a great crochet blogger. Thanks again for participating!

  2. I love the dino header on her blog. Great review.

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  4. A great review! I enjoyed the way you described her blog and what we can find when we visit it. 🙂

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