The only problem when waiting for a swap is waiting for it to be delivered, especially when it’s coming from outside the country. I had sent out my package for the Doily swap no problem,  and was waiting for my package to be delivered when the bad hit, a postage strike. No mail being delivered… How awful! My poor swapner was so worried and anxious that it hadn’t been delivered yet, and there was nothing either of us could do. Oh and then I went on vacay and wasn’t around when it was actually delivered.

Everything has been resolved (although I’m still on the fence about the back-to-work legistlation…) and here is my Doily package!

Count them! THREE beautiful doilies. I still have to block and starch them (the rainy, dreary weather has made me lethargic) but they are quite pretty aren’t they? I love the bookmark, I can’t wait to start using it! And now I need to figure out what to do with my lovely doilies. I am thinking about framing the purple one and using the green one, I’m just sure where. Any suggestions?

I should mention my swapner is Joanne from Florida. She also sent me some other goodies! 2 postcards and a magnet from her state (I LOVE magnets!), some delicious chocolate (minus 2 york patties that BF and I already snarfed down), some BBQ rub seasoning, some yummy smelling coffee, tea, coconut patties and 2 little skeins of thread, blue and the green verigated the doily came from. I can’t wait to start using them!

So there you have it, I have definitely been spoiled, it’s a great by-product of making someone else’s day 🙂

I know I missed WIPW, and might miss FOF tomorrow, we’ll see, I have been trying to find my crochet desire again. Stick with me 🙂 XO



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6 responses to “Goodies!!!

  1. Lovely swap package. I haven’t made any bookmarks yet but this makes me want to.

  2. What a great package. I love looking at thread projects even though I can’t work with thread at all.

    • Thanks Bailey! I thought I was crazy when I agreed to make a doily, but the results are so stunning that I am now hooked. It takes a few rounds (or in my case, frogs) to get used to it but they are so beautiful that I can’t get enough of thread! You might want to start by using sock yarn as a transition from worsted, that might help?

  3. Nice swap, too bad about postage strike, glad things got resolved now. The dollies are very nice and I like the idea of framing it, or them. You could do a grouping with lots of colors…a mosiac?

  4. What a great idea Sandy! I have some purple yarn left over, I could make some different doilies, frame them and make a mosaic. Thanks!!!

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