L is for…

The love of loot!

Welcome to the next installment of ABC Monday with the Accidental Knitter. I have noticed everyone is writing about such wonderful things, like love and lace, and learning. I love those things too ok? But I just HAVE to share this you.

On Friday I received my Purse Swap Package from New England and MAN OH MAN was I spoiled like crazy! Now don’t get me wrong, the point of swaps is to make someone else’s day, spoil them like crazy etc etc. Which I try to do to the fullest, every time, no excuses. And I have been so privileged because every package in return has been phenomenal. 

Exhibit A: 

I mean look at it all! And it didn’t come in that big of a box, it was stuffed! Everything Tammy chose for me is PERFECT. She read me like a book. Everytime I took something new out of the box I squealed with delight. And then I would discover something special about it and squeal even more! 

Here are the totes (as the main part of the swap). One is lovely oatmeal grocery tote (on the right) with hints of purple and pinks, so pretty. I can’t wait to fill it with groceries and shopping goodies. The one on the left is a STUNNER of a tote. It is cabled. Crocheted cabled. I am so in love the with the darn thing it’s ridiculous. I have asked Tammy where the pattern comes from hopefully she gives up the goods. 

Other notables in the box were a kitty play cube for Cally (which she LOVES, hopefully I can snap a photo or 2 to share), a beautiful orangey mobius cowl, LOTS of Hello Kitty (yahoo!), and I mean lots, some yarn, coffee, scrapbooking stuff. Yup, spoiled like crazy. I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Tammy, my spectacular swapner for being the best swapner I have had yet, with the wonderful email communication, kind words and amazing packages, she really set  the bar high. And makes me want to send better packages. If you have time, check out her blog here.

So there is my ABCs for the week, see you on Wednesday, XO.




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12 responses to “L is for…

  1. Wow – your swapner was fabulous! I love your bags – that crochet cable bag is wonderful. I might have to look into joining a swap in the future… hopefully, my poor swap history won’t repeat itself. By the looks of your package, I’m guessing I won’t get a “bomb box” this time.

    What all did Tammy get?

  2. Thanks Mama!! I, too was worried I would get stung, it sounds like it happens more often that I thought, but knock on wood I haven’t experienced it yet. It seems like the current swappers are awesome!!

    I made Tammy 2 different bags, some handmade cards, coffee, yarn, and other things she enjoyed. She blogged about it, you can see it all here http://coffeencrafts.blogspot.com/2011/07/pursetote-swap-on-ville.html

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow, what a package! Those bags are gorgeous, especially the cable one!! What a lucky girl! 🙂

  4. Julie

    What a lovely experience. I’ve never tried a swap and am not sure I could live up to this one. The crochet cable bag is an absolute stunner.

    • Thanks Julie!!! You are given quite a bit of info about your partner, I love giving people presents, especially ones I can tailor for the recipient. You could always start off small with a KISS or something?

  5. That crochet cable bag is to die for! Swaps are such fun when everyone plays nice. I still keep in touch with one swap pal from overseas.

  6. Very nice bags I love the look of both!

  7. Dear Miss Hillary……….
    You’re a sweetheart! I had a blast being swap buddies with you! I love my new purse… carry it everywhere! I love the pattern! Um… the coffee… well… its all gone.. LOL Of course I bet you figured it would be by now! It was super yummy!!!
    Thank you again for such a lovely swap experience! I’m glad you liked your goodies!
    have a wonderful week my friend!
    God Bless!

  8. I am so happy to hear you liked everything!!! And yes of course I love my everything, I take the bags everywhere, the kitty loves the cube, the coffee is well on its way to being gone, everything is spectacular! You truly were a great swpaner and will inspire all my future swaps. All the best to you and your wonderful family, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to be partnered again! XOXO

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