Not a WIPW

Hey all, I forgot to take pics of the project I was working on over the weekend, and now it is complete and gone, so you’ll have to wait until Friday to see it. Thankfully I do have something to share with you today.

Remember last Friday when I shared the pretty purple squares for my C’Ville Swap? Well, my swapner received them and loves them! Yay, the best part! Well, I have received hers in return and mine are just as lovely!

I love the brightness of the yellow and the hint of purple within the blues, VERY nice. Added to my stash of squares they fit in quite nicely! Thanks so much to the Randi for her great work! Another successful swap!

On another note… asides from the purple bag, I don’t have any projects on the go… I haven’t “lost” my crojo (hee hee made a new word) but I also haven’t really been inspired to start anything new… In a few days I start up another couple swaps, so that will help. Therein lies my issue… I love to crochet, but I love to make things for other people, when I have noone to give to I have nothing to make… ugh.

Anyways, something will come. There is my  NOT A WIPW, hopefully not a recurring problem. If you actually want to see productive people, head over to Tami’s Amis. See you on Friday, XO.



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17 responses to “Not a WIPW

  1. At the begining of the year I ask each family member (and I have tons) to tell me what they would like me to make and as the only month in the year where we have no birthday’s is October I am busy all the time. And with new things.

    • That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I figure I participate in at least 2 swaps per month, plus little things always come up, it’s just every once and a while a week of funk comes up…

  2. Pretty squares 🙂 Perhaps when you have no specific people to make things for you could make things in preparation… Then you’d have a stock of emergency gifts 😉

  3. What a great idea Natalie!! My only concern is that it’s difficult to pre-make gifts when you really like to personalize them… as well, I don’t exactly have the storage right now… What I should really do is stop talking and finish that darn bag! Thanks for dropping me a line!

  4. CROJO!! You’ve just coined the best new word ever. 😀

    And I know exactly what you mean about loving to crochet but wanting to make stuff for someone. I like creating for craft fairs, but I like doing projects for specific people even more. And swaps are awesome for that.

    I adore the squares you got in your latest swap, too, those colours are so happy-wonderful.

  5. Love that color combo!

  6. I am sure baby wards in hospitals would always like hats. Or shelters can use scarves and hats for homeless citizens.

  7. Can’t wait to see your finished FO on Friday!

    What beautiful squares you received in your swap!

  8. Love the squares you received! I can’t wait to see the friendship-gan all completed. Hope you get your crojo (teehee) back soon!

  9. The squares are great. I am just learning to crochet for myself and it can be fun too!

    • That’s great Marie! I just can’t be bothered to relearn to knot, I am loving crochet too much and I remember too many bad memories from the first time I learned 🙂

  10. I have never participated in a swap before, but they sound like a lot of fun. Those are terrific looking squares.

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