M is for…


Hey all, I am back from my long weekend, it was SO wonderful!! The weather was nice and warm, the company was lively and the food was yummy. The only problem was the mosquitoes. 

Clearly my M is all about my weekend! 

This pretty much sums it all up. Yesterday everyone but my Bf and I left very early in the morning, but I couldn’t go back to sleep. I decided to pass some time out on the porch working on the bag. It was soooo warm and lovely! Some things you can see in the photo, my Ipod, I was listening to some podcasts, a cold beverage, and my new cabled tote that I bring everywhere with me now. 

I have realized that I am going to run out of yarn shortly (notice that little ball at the bottom?), so I’ll have to go grab a new skein soon, darn 🙂

So now it’s back to reality, ugh. I have some new swaps I am getting ready for, should keep me busy for a little while anyways.

So that’s my tardy ABC for this week, hopefully I’ll be back with a WIPW tomorrow, XO.



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4 responses to “M is for…

  1. Julie

    Sittin g on a porch quietly knitting. Perfect. Glad you had a good time.

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