FO Friday, Number 11

Well, I am happy to share a FO with you today. I am simply tickled with the way they turned out and I really hope the receiver does too.

Ta-dah! The coasters! I starched them last night and they look incredible! They’re quite large but I think that’s ok, adds to their charm. The pattern is Small Doily by The Potholder Lady, and I think it’s one of the better written patterns I’ve worked with. Simple and quick. I used some blue thread and my Milward hook (2.25mm I think). I omitted the last round of the pattern because I was happy with them like this. As always, I think starching them increases their appeal, but that’s just me 🙂 They are off to Ontario, can’t wait for her reaction!

One project from my list down! Many more to go! As always, head over to Tami’s Amis for more great FOFs, and have a great weekend, XO!



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22 responses to “FO Friday, Number 11

  1. So sweet! I wish I enjoyed crochet, there are so many lovely doilies I would make!

  2. They look great! Thanks for the pattern link. I am definitely queuing this up, and I’ll probably omit the last row as well.

  3. Your coasters are gorgeous!

  4. They turned out stunning!

  5. Liz

    The coasters look wonderful – and big is better that too small! 🙂

  6. I’m in Ontario, but I don’t suppose they’re coming to me 😦
    They’re very nice and a bit of starch wouldn’t come amiss for coasters.

  7. wypad

    Those turned out so, SO pretty!!! Also, I like them that size — they look perfect!

  8. Those are perfect, I don’t think they’re too big at all. The teacup looks perfect and elegant resting on one. That photo makes me want to have a tea party, actually…

  9. Those are really pretty. So elegant with the tea cup.

  10. Wow, these are so pretty! I’m in awe of your crochet skills 🙂 A wonderful gift, I’m sure they were well received 🙂

  11. laydilyke

    They have been received in Ontario MissHSoo. I truly love them and appreciate your time put into them. Thank you so much! Laydilyke in ONT.

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