N is for…

No comment.

I have such a big case of writer’s block. N should be an easy letter but I just can’t be bothered to be creative right now, how depressing.

I went away this weekend, to the cabin in Whistler and it was a lovely trip. I crocheted quite a bit (stay tuned for WIPW), and I meant to take some photos to share, but forgot. And now I feel like I have nothing contribute to the ABCs this week. Maybe O will be better.

Please go check out the significantly better ABCs over at the Accidental Knitter. Happy Monday!



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12 responses to “N is for…

  1. Nat

    I had an easy one for “N” (first letter of my name!) but I have a feeling “O” will be something along the lines of “Oh no, I can’t think of anything” 😉

    • I’m hoping something will come up for O, usually I am pretty creative or have a spur of the moment strike of genious, but alas, not for N, I missed the one for my name, maybe I’ll do last name 🙂

  2. Julie

    N was tough. And I’m not confident about O either. Anyway, glad you had a good weekend. There’ll always be another letter of the alphabet, but a good relaxing weekend is a great achievement in my book.

  3. My “N” was uncharacteristically short so you are “not alone”… lol.

    • Thanks 🙂 I hate not having an appropriate post, it makes me feel like I’m letting down my readers, but it happens, and from my reading experience, any post is better than no post.

  4. I struggled with N also. I was going to skip it, but finally came up with a word that I could get into.

    I have to say, even though it was short, your post was still interesting.

  5. Aw, thanks Lynda, I really appreciate you saying that! I really didn’t want to skip, my goal is to hit every letter every week, but sometimes a lack content really gets you.

  6. I like the picture up there- very interesting! 😀 I’m not doing the ABC’s, but I’m sure I’d have lots of trouble with some letters… take N or Q, for example!

  7. That was so my blog post too!!! However, the picture did slightly freak me out!!! Glad you had a nice vacation!

    • Lol, it freaked me out too! I figured it made the point better than any words could. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had issues with N, thanks Sharon!

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