P is for…


Anyone who knows me, knows what my favourite colour is. Also, if you were to see me on the street, you might be able to guess. I am not shy when it comes to sharing my favourite colour. It’s so bright and cheery, looks great in every shade, and just puts a smile on my face all the darn time.

Need some proof? Well, for one, I wear purple clothing. Shirts, dresses, scarves, patterns, solids, any purple!

I even wear purple shoes! (Altho I should point out that also wear every other colour of shoe, I love shoes!!!)

I even carry purple accessories. This is my new travel bag, it just got back from Whistler with me 🙂

I even use it to crochet. I love purple yarn. Light, dark, solid, verigated, self-striping, baby, worsted, thread. You name, I love it!

So there you have my ABC post for this week. What is YOUR favourite colour? Would I know it by looking at you? Head on over to the Accidental Knitter for more ABCs, XO.



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18 responses to “P is for…

  1. Yes, Purple is a gr8 color…one of my favs too!

  2. Oooohhh, I love purple too!!! My cell phone cover is purple and if you look at my yarn stash, it seems to have that whole purple-pink theme going on!!

    • That’s awesome Sharon! I have a purple Blackberry, I guess I should’ve taken a picture of that! The 6 inch granny squares that I’m collecting all (mostly) have some purple in them too!

  3. Yep, I love purple (although I love green as well). Purple is a royal colour and so we are all in good company. I have lots of purple yarn in the stash, keep forgetting and buy some more. Hey-ho. I love those shoes.

    • Thanks Julie! I don’t have as much purple in my stash as I should, but I think it’s because I always end up using it first. The odds of coming home with something purple are significantly higher than any other colour, except maybe green!!

  4. napiligal

    My favorite color is purple too! I almost bought a purple spatula today! I wear purple Croc’s with all my hand knit socks. I’m thinking of having a purple streak put in my hair when I have it cut this week. I also like like the combo of purple and yellow.

    • oOoOoo I love purple and yellow too! Purple and grey, purple and green, purple and white, they are all awesome!!

      I’ve had purple in my hair and I LOVED it! You should definitely do it! Thanks for dropping me a line!

  5. How can anyone NOT love purple? I am drawn to it also.

  6. I love how rich and pretty purple is – I went through a phase when everything I knit was purple 😉

    • Me too, saturated purple is definitely my favourite. When I was younger I made my parents paint my bedroom deep eggplant purple, I loved it! Thanks for dropping me a line!!

  7. Liz

    Hi, I’ve awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog, check it out here: http://yarnberry.tumblr.com/



  8. Purple is my BFFs favourite colour, and you’re right, it does look great in any shade!!

    My favourite colour is yellow. But by looking in my wardrobe you’d think I am obsessed with black and white.

    Lovin’ the purple travel bag btw!

    • Thanks Charlotte! I really like yellow too, although I have to be careful what shade I wear, it can make me look sallow. I have quite a bit of black and white too, it’s tough to be adventurous when black and white goes with everything 🙂

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