Thanks so much to Liz over at Yarnberry, she awarded me with the Versatile Blogger award! How sweet!!

In order to accept the award, I must share 7 things about myself, and then pass on the award to 15 other blogs (yikes, 15!). Here we go!

7 things about myself:

1) I am a big huge volleyball fan. I play, I watch, I dream. I love it.

2) I am also a huge couch athlete. I love watching sports on TV. Mostly, curling, tennis and volleyball, but also football and *sometimes* hockey.

3) I am half-Chinese and immensely proud of it! I make up for not looking it by loving asian things, like food and Hello Kitty 🙂

4) My favourite movies are Not Another Teen Movie (lol), Ever After and Bride and Prejudice.

5) I collect University clothes. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, t-shirts. I don’t know why, but I cant help myself!

6) I drive a 2000 Toyota Echo. I love my little green car 🙂

7) My astrology sign is cancer, I am water-loving, emotional, sensitive crab.

*Phew, ok now on to the 15 blog I am passing the award on to:

1) Sabriena at Little Miss Scrapalicious.

2) Emma at Winging It.

3) Stacey at Fresh Stitches.

4) Contessa at Writing, Yarn, Pucks and Diapers.

5) Heather at Knits by Heather.

6) Sue at Granny’s World.

7) Vivianne at Kismet’s Companions.

8 ) Danielle at A Stash Addicts Ramblings.

9) Holly at Lucky You Lucky Me.

10) Carole at Gingerbread Girl.

11) Emily at Snapdragon Crafts.

12) Cheryl at Elephant Juice.

13) Jocelyn at Handmade by Knottygal.

14) Sara at Lazy Knits and Purls.

15) Calophi at Rip It Good.

There we go! These wonderful bloggers participate in the same memes that I do, and its a pleasure reading them every week. Your turn for some fun ladies!

On a side note, I’m not sure if I’ll have a WIPW this week… still not much of a crojo in these hands and brain… but I’m really trying, I promise!



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11 responses to “Me=Versatile!

  1. Wohoo! Thanks for the award darling! 🙂
    (Ps – I left a comment on yesterdays post but I dont see it — It basicly said how I LOVE your new purple Lulu bag and that I miss you)

    • I miss you too! And you’re so very welcome!!! No I don’t see the comment either… And I have non pending… I love the bag too!!! It’s so big and wonderful! XO

  2. Thank you for thinking of me for this award: I appreciate it 🙂

  3. Sue

    thanks for the award, will try to pass it on but off on holiday later this week so may not have time til I get back

  4. Very interesting to learn more about you. And great choices for your 15 to share it with.

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  6. Oh wow, thank you! I’ve been away without internet access so have only just found out about this. I’ll get on it asap!

    PS. your no.3 sounds exactly like me!

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