WIP Wednesday XIV

I am exhausted! I have been busy busy these last few days. I worked all weekend, and even worked out afterwards! Then Monday night I played some intense volleyball. Then yesterday I got my first substitute teacher call out (yahoo!) and then had to teach Religion class that evening. I am wiped. Happy, but wiped.

I have slowly been plugging away on the Critron Shawl, I am almost done the first skein of yarn, have have completed 4/6 of the ruffle sections. I like it, it’s a bit scratchy, the yarn is difficult and I totally messed up the straight edge, but it’s not completely horrible. Right?

Other projects that need to be started very soon include: a hat, 2 granny squares and a fortune cookie. All small but I’m afraid that if I stop working on Critron I’ll forget about it… 

So there’s my WIPW for this week, check out the other ones here, XO.



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10 responses to “WIP Wednesday XIV

  1. No. It’s not horrible at all. If you didn’t say, I would not have known that you made any mistakes in this. I love the colour and I think the F.O is going to be fabulous!!!!

  2. Your Citron is beautiful! I just love the color.

  3. It’s looking beautiful! Loving the colour!

  4. Of course it’s not horrible 😉 It looks gorgeous, the colour is fab and if it is a bit scratchy then a quick soak in water (plus a tiny splodge of hair conditioner) prior to blocking will work wonders!

  5. I think it looks great so far! Lovely color!

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