T is for…


Or should I say lack thereof. I am not complaining. Being busy is a blessing, not a punishment, but sometimes I like having nothing to do. I like making my own schedule, sitting in front of the TV and maybe getting a few things on my list completed. Or not…

Lately time has been of the essence. Since Friday it has been go go go go go go go go go! I went shopping with my mom for desperately needed work clothes. Then I hastily packed and hit the road to Whistler for a great 2 nights. Then early Sunday morning, BF and I headed back for 9am mass, had breakfast, and then I did laundry. Yesterday I taught Kindergarten, which was exhasuting, then had a 1 hour power nap, ate dinner and went and played some intense volleyball. I then came home, showered and headed back down to BF’s house… where I felt like I got 35 minutes of sleep. Then back up again early to come here to work at an office that I’m not comfortable with, but making the most of. I never look away at earning money.

That’s not even including the crocheting I need to do… my September square was supposed to go out on the 15th… I am still working on my Critron shawl, and I need start a hat.

Did I mention I am also sick?

There’s my tardy T for this week, check out the others here, XO.



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4 responses to “T is for…

  1. Awwww – you nee lots of {{{{hugs}}}} !!!! I feel your pain – since school started there is no time to do anything!!!

  2. Wow you are busy! I got out of breath just reading this post 🙂

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