WIP Wednesday XV

Today is a day off!!! Yahoo! That being said, I still have a lot to do! I need to send off my squares (I’ll show them on Friday), need to get a reference done, clean my room (it’s bad), and crochet!

Here is the yarn I picked for the hat. A super bright Vanna’s Choice in Turquoise. I also used some for my September squares, I can’t wait to show you on FOF 🙂 I have a pattern picked out, just need to get crackin on it *whpsh

I am also still working on the Critron… here is a close up on the ruffles and sequins. It’s really cute, but slow working. I kinda need to motor on this, I still need to block it and let it dry… the washing instructions say no wringing, so yeah… I’m worried about that…

There’s my kinda lame WIPW this week, check the others out here, see you Friday, XO.



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4 responses to “WIP Wednesday XV

  1. Pretty ruffles and sequins!

  2. Your citron is looking pretty. Just put it in clean towels, place on the floor and step on the towels until the water is out of the shawl.

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