FO Friday, Number 16

TGIF everyone!

What a crazy crazy week I had! Monday night I rolled my ankle at volleyball (OUCH!) and have since been hobbling around… it is on the mend, I can almost walk completely normal, and the bruising is going away… but still, I probably won’t be able to play this weekend which is a MAJOR bummer…

Also, I taught this week (yahoo) and today had an interview and got hired in a school district! OMG I AM SO EXCITED! It begins 🙂

As well, I have several FOs to share with you! Can you believe it? Neither can I!

First up, these fingerless mitts. I started them the same time as Nico the Ninja, but didn‘t bother finishing them until I had someone to give them to. They turned out ok, the fit could be better, but the colour is amazing! The pattern is from KuwaiiCrochet!

Next up is this cute Turquoise Tassels Toque! I love how this turned out, it was so simple! The pattern is Kirsten by Melissa Mall. I used Vanna‘s Choice yarn. I even made the tassels! Yay for hat swaps!!

Last is this headband, my first endeavor! The pattern is Rose Headband by Susan G. I used all scraps for this one. I really like it, I might make one for myself, if only I wore headbands often enough.

So there‘s my FOs for this week, I am so looking forward to a quiet weekend (haha yeah right!). Make sure you check out the other FOs here, XO!



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10 responses to “FO Friday, Number 16

  1. Cindy

    I love the gloves and the head band. So cute ! 🙂

  2. Lovely FOs, but more importantly: congratulations on the new job!

  3. Three super cute projects and in such happy colors — awesome!

    Congratulations on your new job. I hope you love it.

  4. Congratulations on your new job!!! your finished objects are lovely and very useful as well! =)

  5. Eek, sorry about the ankle—but congrats about the job! I’m glad there are good things happening to balance out the not-so-good.

    I love your projects, too—the headband is awesome, and I was just looking at that exact fingerless gloves pattern! It’s really cute, and the colours you used look great.

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