FO Friday, Number 17

This will be quick because I need a nap. Now. I had a crazy overwhelming day and I need some downtime.

As promised here is the Critron! Isn’t she lovely?! I know it’s a bad picture but I really wanted you to get a feel for the size and beauty of it. I am so happy with the way it turned out, my I really hope my swapner in Washington loves it too! The pattern is Critron by Martha Simonsen. I used Paton’s Lace Sequin in ruby and a G hook. I forgot to take final measurements, but I used 4 skeins of yarn, about 1500 yards. I think it’s so elegant!

That’s my only FO this week, I am so tired and overwhelmed I really need a couple days to recover. Have a great weekend, XO.



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12 responses to “FO Friday, Number 17

  1. Oh wow, that’s amazing. The ruffles look just perfect, and the fact that it’s sequined yarn? Just makes it even better. I’m torn between thinking I want to make one of these and thinking that OMG, I could never do a project that huge. Go you for finishing it, and so beautifully! 😀

    • Thanks Kathleen! The yarn is really pretty but a tad finicky, I think I may do a yarn review post just so I can warn everyone about it, lol. You could totally make one! All you need it some time and determination, lol.

  2. Operative word…. only??? Really? You have every right to feign fatigue… I could never have completed that in a week.!! Kudos to you! A peaceful dreams… until the next cast on…..

    • Oh man, this took me way longer than a week, I started in September,,, but I have been doing a million other things at the same time…Thanks for the well wishes!!!

  3. So pretty! Good job!

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