Squee! Sunday, Tres

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving all you great Canadians. Hope your gobbling some yummy turkey this weekend (heh heh).

I wanted to share with you a package I received this week. You know that I sent the pink fingerless mits and Nico the Ninja of, and this is what I received in return. The softest and very delicate green fingerless mitts, a really pretty card, hand lotion and purple nail polish.

This package makes me happy because it restores my faith in people. This swap was almost doomed until someone else’s partner went MIA and we decided to swap with each other. Win for us!

Hope you’re having a great weekend, I am slowly recharging my batteries, looking forward to some turkey tomorrow 🙂 



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6 responses to “Squee! Sunday, Tres

  1. That’s an awesome set to receive in a swap! A great way to pamper your hands. I’m glad the swap didn’t end up doomed!

  2. So glad it worked out! The mitts are adorable too and I love purple polish!

  3. I am so glad your swap experience was saved. You got a lovely package. The mitts are beautiful.

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