FO Friday, Number 18

Another week come and gone… soon it will be Christmas (yikes!)

My FO this week are these squares. You saw them on Wednesday, now they are complete, and aren’t they just the cutest?! I used the Grandala Square pattern from Alice Best. I used an H hook and some scraps from the previous swap. Then I sewed on the sparkly strawberry buttons. That’s my food, get it? I love the grandala square. It’s almost like a traditional granny but with a cute circle motif. They are now off to Toronto, hope my swapner likes them.

I am still working on the scarf, the owl and have started a new project, some fingerless mitts. I’ll be busy this weekend!

Check out the other FOF’s here, and have a great weekend, XO!



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4 responses to “FO Friday, Number 18

  1. I may have to try that square—such a clever name, and a cool design. Plus, those buttons you added are completely adorable and delicious! šŸ˜€

    • Thanks Kathleen!! It’s such an easy pattern too, you make it once and you’ll never forget how to do it. And yes the buttons are so cute, I almost couldn’t part with them šŸ™‚

  2. I love a good granny square. One day I will make a blanket, I will!!! lol

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