FO Friday, Number 19

The scarf is done, the scarf is done!!

Here is a long shot of the scarf draped over the banister. It’s so soft and lovely, I am very very happy with the result! The pattern is the Seasonless Scarf from Lion Brand. I used 3 skeins of Snuggly Wuggly and a J hook. The pattern calls for a K hook but I felt like the clusters were too sloppy, I also added 2 more clusters on each row, making it 8 instead of 6. The pattern stays the scarf should end up being around 192 inches, after 3 skeins I got to 140 inches, and I am happy with that. I really hope my swapner likes it!

Here is a shot of it wrapped twice around my neck. I love that the length provides options for wear. It is such a simple but pretty pattern.

There’s my FOF for this week, check out the others here and have a great weekend, XO!




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14 responses to “FO Friday, Number 19

  1. It looks beautiful, love the colour you used 🙂

  2. That came out really beautifully!!! Looks like the perfect length too. I’m sure it will be well-received and loved by the recipient.

  3. Your scarf is beautiful! I can how how squishy it is!

  4. How great is that, a scarf that wraps twice?! Your swapner is sure to love it!

  5. Very nice scarf. I like long scarf too, so versatile.

  6. Ahh looks great, fab colour x

  7. Liz

    The scarf looks great and the colour is lovely! ❤

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