FO Friday, Number 20

Well, my hooks have been quiet since the weekend. I’ve been quite occupied with work this week. It’s going well, but it’s exhausting. I have 2 finished projects to share with you today.

First up are the cabled mitts! They are finished, yahoo! The pattern is Cabled Wrist Warmer by Julie Reeves. I used RH Soft in grey and an H hook. The pattern is quite and simple but soooo pretty! I also decided to whip up matching ear warmers, I modified the pattern to suit my needs. I love how it came out! Hopefully my swapner agrees!

Next up is this little cutester! I haven’t named him yet, any suggestions? The pattern is from the Book Amigurumi World by Ana Rimoli. I used scrap yarn and a G hook for him. I have to say, of all the amigurmi I have made, he might be my favourite!! I got to try my hand at embroidery (for the beak), I really like the way it turned out. Also, his arm/wings are so flappy and cute! He will be going off with the scarf to Reno. Bon voyage!

So there’s my FOF for this week, I am off to Whistler for our annual Halloween extravaganza but I have a couple Squee! Sundays to share, so check back then, XO!



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6 responses to “FO Friday, Number 20

  1. I love Ana Rimoli’s books, such cute things in there.

  2. The wrist warmers look nice. I haven’t crocheted cables yet.

  3. The cabled set looks great. Good job modifying the pattern to make the earwarmers too. What a lucky swapner!

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