Squee! Sunday, Cuatro

Greetings from Whistler! BF, sister, Bestie and I are partying it up for Halloween! That doesn’t mean I don’t have time to share with you some goodies I have received the last few weeks!

I received my my shawl swap from a wonderful lady in Washington. Look at that beauty!!! It’s long, squishy and the colours are just stunning. It’s been quite chilly here lately so it’s definitely been getting a work out. 

She also sent a box full of wonderful! 6 skeins of yarn, 1 of which being a skein of pretty sock yarn, something I’ve never played with before! Look at that cute bag! I can’t wait to haul things around in it! I also got a giant bag of peanut M&Ms (YUM!), a tin of tea, and a bag full cinnamony smelling tea that tastes like heaven! Thank you Mary for everything!

I also received my hat swap package from the lovely Linda in Missouri. It’s the Flower Center Slouch Hat that I have had in my queue FOREVER! I love the grey and the purple together! Like the shawl, the hat will be getting its work out as it’s quite nippy here. She also sent the rest of the skein of grey so I can make some matching mitts, how thoughtful!

So that’s my Squee! Check out the other’s over at Rip It Good, XO!



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6 responses to “Squee! Sunday, Cuatro

  1. How awesome!!! You definitely had some great swaps going on! The tea sounds wonderful and the shawl and hat look beautiful!

  2. Rie

    Ahh, what fun packages to receive in the post – almost makes all those trips to the letter box & coming back with bills worth it !!

  3. It’s always awesome to get your swap packages and know your partner didn’t cop out on you!

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