Squee! Sunday, Cinco

Welcome to another Squee! Sunday hosted by Calophi. I have a couple neat-ohs to share with you today!

First up, I received my Scarf Swap Package! Look at all those goodies!! Two scarves! TWO! A killer hat that looks so good on my head. And aren’t the colours wicked? I also got 3 packs of pretty note cards, and 2 Hello Kitty note pads (I love Hello Kitty!!!!). But the best part? A Hello Kitty PAPER PUNCH!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh I am so excited!!!! I have no idea where she found it but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thanks so much to Amanda in Reno for being a great swapner! Now it’s her turn to get her package 🙂

I also received my October squares from Helen. She sent 1 food theme square (can you tell which one?) and 1 classic square. Like I keep saying, I love the quirky themes but I still prefer the traditional grannies! Thanks to Helen for acknowledging that!! ❤

So that’s my Squee! this week, thanks for stopping by, XO!



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4 responses to “Squee! Sunday, Cinco

  1. Rachel M

    Popcorn!!! I love it! What a brilliant pattern!

  2. The popcorn is awesome! And your scarf swap, the turquoise color is beautiful on all the items plus that paper punch, I’ve never seen that before! You may have to squee next Sunday with a picture of some punched out Hello Kitty 😉

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