FO Friday, Number 22

BF and I decided to take advantage of the long weekend and headed up to the cabin in Whistler. Today was a bit of a lazy day as BF wasn’t feeling so well. We have had dinner and are now watching the Canucks in front of the fire.

I only have a small FO this week. This month`s C`Ville Swap is the $10 Stocking Swap. My swapner hails from Kentucky and I can`t wait to max out my $10! Anything from your stash doesn`t count, so I have been making use of the Christmas yarn I received in last month`s swap. I have made these little guys and am kinda addicted!

Here is a close up. The pattern is the Mini Motif Stocking from Doris Chan. I am using a J hook and stash yarn. The hexigons work up so quickly, and the result is killer! I`m not sure how many more I am going to make, not sure what to do with the Christmas yarn otherwise… Maybe I`ll just keep going and send her a box full of mini stockings!

There`s my ridiculously small FOF this week, albeit cozy by the fire, now I just need some hot cocoa 🙂 Check out the others here, XO.



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6 responses to “FO Friday, Number 22

  1. These are so cute, i have downloaded the pattern, i will definitely whipping up a few this weekend, thanks for sharing. That fire looks great!!

  2. They look like perfect little Ornaments for the christmas tree to me. I am gonna try to find a pattern like this. So Cute!

  3. They’re just adoreable!

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