FO Friday, Number 23

Hello Friday! Let’s get right to my FOs! 

This month’s Square Swap Theme is weather. I decided to purchase some sparkly snowflake buttons to sew onto a a cool background. Turned out pretty well right? Notice how each snowflake is different? The pattern is One Heart Square, an ol’ faithful. I used an H hook and some blue scrap yarn. I think it turned out pretty well 🙂

Next up is an accompanying square, since I always send 2. I decided to make another Grandala Square to compliment the previous one. I love how quick they both worked up but how stunning they are! I used the same H hook and scrap yarn. I hope my swapner in France likes them!

Lastly, for my stocking swap I whipped up this neck warmer. I used Loops & Thread Country Loom in warm cream and a K hook. The pattern is the Helen Neckwarmer from Michelle Mooney. I found some lovely wooden buttons to use as the closure. It has a nice texture but will keep anyone’s neck nice and toasty. It also whipped up in like an hour. And it only took 1 skein. I really hope my swapner in Kentucky likes it!

So that’s my FOF for this week, check out the others here, have a great weekend, XO!





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2 responses to “FO Friday, Number 23

  1. Yes, your swapper likes the two squares you made for her. She likes the colours, and they are well finished.

    Thank you!

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