FO Friday, Number 25

11 days until Hawaii! 

I have 2 FOs to share today. My Stocking Swap has gone out the door and I whipped up a couple goodies for it.

First is the stocking part. Remember those mini stockings I made? Well I made a total of 10 to replace 1 large one. The pattern is Mini Stocking Motif from Doris Chan. I used a J hook and some scrap yarn and I think they turned out great! So cute! She can use them as decorations or string them together into a garland.

Next up is this cute little guy. I had made 1 earlier for a Snowman swap, but just HAD to make another for my Stocking swapner, they are so quick but SO cute! The pattern is Crochet Snowman from Amy Lehman. I used a G hook and scrap yarn. I decided to use up the snowflake buttons from the square swap. I mounted them onto some blue felt to make them pop, and then continued the blue theme with his hat and scarf. Who knows, maybe another is in the works 🙂

There are my FOs, as always, check out the others here, XO.



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6 responses to “FO Friday, Number 25

  1. Rachel

    I really like how the scarf turned out with the two colours. I’m glad you went with the teal/blue for a bit of extra pop!

  2. Liz

    The snowman is so cute! And I love the tiny stockings 🙂

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