FO Friday Number 29

TGIF! I have been enjoying my first week of Spring Break, excitedly anticipating next week as Bestie and I are going on a cruise! Yahoo! I can’t wait!

My FOs this week are my squares for the Granny Square Swap. This month’s theme is Your Country. Well, I love my country, and city. I think you’ll be able to see that right away!

First up is this red square you saw last week. I added a great maple leaf motif. The pattern is from Zen Crochet, I used some white yarn and an H hook. Quick, simple and very patriotic!

Next up is a square paying homage to Vancouver. I love my Canucks (most of the time) and figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to whip a square using the logo. I think it turned out pretty good eh? I free-handed the logo, the square itself is is an easy granny square, One Heart Square for example. I used some left over blue yarn and an H hook. I really love it (so does the BF, he has requested one for himself). My swapner this month hails from Texas, I really hope she likes them! Oh Canada! 

There are my FOs for this week. As always, check out the others here. I won’t be around next week (Hello Mexico!) so have fun, be safe, Happy Spring Break! XO.

P.S. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!




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