FO Friday Number 30

Well I am just so refreshed and revived from my 2 weeks of Spring Break. 1 week spent lounging on the couch and 1 week cruising down the Baja Peninsula with Bestie. It was glorious. Now I am back to work, and pining for Easter Break. Such is life.

Here is a photo of Bestie and I on our last night, holding our puffer fish drink cups, AWESOME 😀 

Anywiggles, back to my FO for the week. BF’s sister celebreated her birthday last weekend, and I have been meaning to make a kindle kozy for her for a while (remember the felting fiasco?). So I bought some yarn and busted out this cutie in just a few hours. 

The pattern is the Puff Stitch Kindle Cover from Amy Dutsch. I used some Impeccible yarn in the prettiest coral colour and an H hook. I found a cute pearly white button and lined it with some blue felt. When she goes to Bolivia I hope it keeps her Kindle safe and sound. I like it so much I make a few more, or maybe an iPad one! 

So there is this week’s update for you. Check out the other amazing FOs here. Easter in 1 week, yahoo!




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4 responses to “FO Friday Number 30

  1. A Kindle cover is a great idea! I love how it turned out.

  2. hstuart3

    Those drink cups are awesome! Very cute!

    And I like your kindle cover. Had to favorite that pattern!

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